Alleged Security Breach At Vernon Schools?!

WOW.  This is alarming.  With security of kids going to school as a top concern to everyone these days, this is shocking.  A student allegedly researched bomb making information on a Vernon High School computer, and then was allowed back in school without police being notified???  Are you kidding me?  Between the school Principal being on leave, and now the Assistant Principal also apparently on leave, I can see how some things might fall through the cracks.  Security of kids going to school should not be a situation that falls through the cracks!  I understand why due to privacy laws school officials can only give us so much information on this situation --- but we better get some answers quickly.  You can click here and see the full, excellent report by The New Jersey Herald.

On a lighter note, it looks like Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I may be doing some very low key, light entertaining tomorrow night.  First warm night all year on my deck!  Right now believe it or not, I'm entertaining the idea of not even using my grill.  Meg and I are leaning towards probably stromboli, one with pepperoni one with just cheese, seared ahi tuna slices, and maybe some other minor items.  Eventually I'll graduate to having more than just 3-5 people over my place, but for now, BABY STEPS.  This guide you can see here shows common mistakes we're making while cooking.  Overcooking scrambled eggs even?  I can see that.  I completely agree with baking your bacon.  MUCH EASIER CLEANUP!  They're saying not to chop asparagus, I think it's totally fine to do that practice though.

Also, they're giving us more tips on how to drink enough water everyday.  You remember I always say drinking more water is the easiest way to get healthier, instantly.  Those recent tips you can click and see right here.  

They now have hydration calculators where you enter your gender, age, height and weight, then find out how much your exact water intake should be.  That sounds like a lot of work, I think you can have 3 sips of water in the time it takes to enter all of that information!  Nevertheless, you can see this fancy schmancy water hydration calculator by clicking here.


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