Have you seen my Pets Of The Week?!?!?! SO Cute!

Meet my CUTE PUPPY Pets Of The Week, Lance and Levi!  These brothers are so adorable.  When they puppy play fight one second, and then kiss each other the next minute?  NOTHING better!  They are some of the cutest puppies we have ever had on my show, and so playful!  You can see their adoption link and bio by clicking here.  We believe that they're Heeler/Shiba mixes.  They're currently 9 weeks old, and their mommy is only 35 pounds, so they won't be huge.  LOVE THEM!!!

Last night, our Pet Of The Week partners Advanced Veterinary Care did a fundraiser for Father John's Animal House, and Gianna raised a lot of money in a short time!  


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