10 Wardrobe Essentials, plus Ketchup with Mayo?

This list originally started as a guide for 10 must haves women should have in their closets, but I feel many of these work for men too.  We should all have a pair of dark denim jeans, and a black blazer.  Since I can't rock heels, flats work for me too OMG!  Lol.  You can see the 10 wardrobe essentials and why I think many are applicable for all of us, by clicking here.

Here are some quick meal options for when you don't have motivation for cooking.  Okay, everyone lists eggs because they allegedly take only 5 minutes to make unless I'm in the kitchen...then it's an hour long affair.  Many moving parts between cracking and cooking, not to mention the nonstop sweats I get.  Being a picky eater, most of these meals I'm not personally into but they may be just right for you.  These meals you can click here and see.

Is Heinz really toying with the idea of combining ketchup with mayonnaise?  Full disclosure, as a little kid I was obsessed with ketchup.  I even used ketchup on my Thanksgiving Turkey, which resulted in my Late Great Grandmother Nana still probably looking down on me saying "Really Stevie?"  Sorry Nana!  At least I don't put ketchup on my turkey anymore!  I'm not into mayo, so this combination wouldn't work for me.  They're calling it Mayochup.  Even if this is just a publicity stunt, congratulations to Heinz on this one.  Think, how many of us were talking about ketchup in everyday conversation a week ago?  Now they're claiming if they get 500,000 votes in favor of this they'll give it the green light.  You can see more about this grossness by clicking here.

ICYMI: My Pets Of The Week, Lance and Levi are adorable 9 month old brother puppies.  While posing with them and my buddy Gianna, they somehow made themselves even cuter and KISSED EACH OTHER.  These pictures will make your weekend.  You can click here and help them find their new Furever Families --- these guys won't be available for long I'm sure!


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