Food Selfies?

I'm guilty of it.

Many of us are in the same mindset.  We go to a nice restaurant, order a meal and the presentation is like a work of art, so much so that with today's portable phones equipped with cameras, we take a beautiful, detailed picture of our expertly crafted meal.  Then we eat it.

I admit, I take pictures of meals that I don't normally have on a daily basis.  Even when I go to my favorite pizza shop down in Wildwood, NJ I take pictures because I give that place lots of love through Instagram or Facebook.  That's where the underlying reason rests...we do this to get attention from the business, but we also get people to look at our photos to feed our ego.  For a lot of you, food pictures posted online generates a lot more excitement for my Instagram account and as such, I give the public what they want!  Whether it's healthy for me or junk food, if it gets you to look at it, I get to raise my hand in the air and say "score another successful hit for this guy"!

Benicia Magazine posted an article a over a year and a half ago as to why people like to constantly post food pictures online, with both the pros and cons of doing so.  You can read it on the link below.

In the meantime, that just gives me another excuse to post another collage of photos from a meal I had recently...

Going Nuts With Food Selfies Across Social Media


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