Mountain Creek Owners With Big Plans For Vernon

It's no secret that Sussex County, and Vernon have seen declining population over the past twenty years.  The majority of Sussex County residents leave our area everyday commuting to work, often with stressful traffic.  By the time many residents come back home, they don't want much other than peace, quiet, and beauty.  This has been an often debated issue kind of like a chicken and the egg, because we don't have enough destinations in our community to attract young families.  Studies have shown that we lost population, heaviest among those young families.  

Mountain Creek has been predicting their plans for our area over the past several months.  This plan is becoming much closer to reality with their new development agreement.  They'll reportedly do studies on what our area can handle.  I'm VERY excited for this development.  If they do a winery near Mountain Creek South on 94, count me IN!  A winery near where I live, and with beautiful mountain views?  Yes!  This will be on the Sammis Farm property, right near South with absolutely gorgeous views.  That being said, I'm hopeful there will be additional infrastructure plans to help this transition.  Route 94 has shown it can't handle too much.  Can you imagine a winery with a golf course or ski slope view?  Great potential.  You can click here and see the full story.

These could be major steps in rebuilding Vernon, Sussex County and Jersey.  With Legends possibly being rebuilt into a major destination, this can be a great boost for our local economy.  You can see future plans on the former Playboy Club by clicking here.

Oh, and last night I had my first BEAR encounter on Campus in Vernon.  Mama BEAR with her 3 cubs.  They were engaging in dumpster diving activities, while clearly looking at me and licking their chops!  It's going to be a long season.  They're majestic and beautiful --- yeah, not scary --- let's go with majestic and beautiful.  HELP ME!  lol!  You can always see more pictures I take of BEARS, sunsets, and my other many shenanigans on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter: @SteveAllanRadio

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