Let's Help My Pet Of The Week, Lexi Find Her New Family!

You are going to love Lexi!  My Adopt A Pet Of The Week, Lexi has been rescued and is ready to meet her new family she deserves.  This pit bull terrier mix is full of love, energy, and muscle!  I suspect the only reason she hasn't been adopted yet is because of her breed.  Lexi was hugging and kissing us NONSTOP.  ALL of us at our radio station.  She's a short girl and basically all muscle.  My Pet will crack you up, that's for sure.  We think that Lexi is 4-6 years old, you wouldn't know it with her energy level.  It saddens me when so many people either dislike or fear pit bulls, with so many of them being absolute love bugs.  You can see her bio and application page by clicking here.  Let's please help Lexi find her new family!

Speaking of loving, gorgeous pit bulls, did you see Jamie?  This silver pup is one of my all time cutest, yet somehow still looking for a new family, only because she's a pit bull.  You can see her here.


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