My Weekend In Pictures

This weekend may not have been the most exciting of all time, but was still action packed with a little bit of work and play mixed into it.  Friday night I was able to visit Awesome Girlfriend Megan in Hackettstown.  We went to our favorite HTown dive bar and enjoyed some wings and a beer.  After our quick date we returned home and spent a quality Friday night in with all three of her Awesome Daughters.

Saturday, back to work.  We had a great time at The Y's Healthy Kids Day Event, this seemed to be their biggest one yet.  I was so happy to fun into several dear friends at the event, like Tom and Jim.  It's amazing to think back moving here 4.5 years ago not knowing anyone, and now running into friends I've had for a few years on a whim at events.  Life can change quickly!  After The Y, I went to Newton for some retail therapy on Route 206, enjoying my windows down and cranking 102.3 WSUS!  Wham! sounds even better when the weather is beautiful, right?  

Full disclosure: I forgot to take a selfie with Meg for my ever so popular Weekend In Pictures on Friday night and asked her to visit me at The Y so we could get a picture together.  Being Awesome Girlfriend Megan and having saint like patience, she happily obliged.  I know what you're thinking, again, "How lucky is Meg?"  

Saturday night I then spent on Campus in Vernon with a few of my besties.  Chill night in enjoying delicious wine with your close friends, talk about a huge victory.  Plus we ended up going to condos, so you could technically say we turned it into an impromptu neighborhood Campus block party.  Not only did I get to enjoy a great time with Carrie, Jamie, Janice, Jasen, Tyler, and Pete, but we also were able to party with Jasmine, Spot, and Tyson.  Jasmine, Spot, and Tyson are amazing doggies in our lives.  I recommend adding puppies to your party whenever possible.

Sunday Funday involved a hair cut in Franklin, per usual by my stylist of choice Jen.  She asked me if I minded a sparkled / bedazzled cape during my hair cut, and I responded with "I play Adele for a living, who am I to turn down a bedazzled cape?"  Then Sunday afternoon I visited our hot tubs at The Spa on Campus, and Sunday night a couple drinks with friends.  Success!  Hopefully next weekend, I can return home for Saturday night and see my parents, Madre and Padre for the first time since St. Patrick's Day!

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