The One Thing You Need To Do After Work: Relax

They're saying It's always tough for me to unwind, even after work.  When they say there's one thing you need to do after work, the answer is relax.  It's extremely tough and rare for me to turn my brain off.  My neck, shoulders and back have been bad for almost two years due to stress.  This month, I've attempted yoga and so far, so good!  I'm really enjoying this yoga experiment, in fact Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I did more yoga last night.  The benefits of yoga are legit.  It's probably easier now than ever to get started with all of the available options.  Some of our friends are teasing us because Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I are now setting up remote yoga dates.  I'll text her what video on Youtube we want to watch at the same exact time, she watches at her place in Hackettstown and I watch at my place in Vernon.  It is more fun when you can do yoga with someone, and this is the closest we can get to that for now.  We have tried Yoga with Adriene who was recommended by several great friends, and also Jeni Hillman.  Meg and I prefer Adriene, because she tends to have a heavier focus on breathing and stretching.  I think last night some of my yoga work became undone --- NHL Playoffs are exciting to watch!  My Boston Bruins were on, and with playoff hockey if you blink, BOOM!  You can miss goals just that quickly, lightning speed.  You text your friend one second, then hear the crowd roar for a goal.  

We know them all too well.  Cringe phrases we all hear at work that drive us absolutely insane.  #1 most hated is "give 110%."  I completely agree with that.  Hopefully you're not guilty of doing these too often, thank goodness I don't overdo these either.

I want to help you make more money!  These are resume and interview mistakes we can avoid.  Frequent job hopping is still the number one turn off to managers, which always makes sense.  

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