The Teacher Killed In School Bus Crash On 80

The school bus crash in Mount Olive on Route 80 with kids from Paramus still has me honestly sick to my stomach.  They have identified the teacher who was killed as Jennifer Williamson-Kennedy.  Her husband released a statement last night.  One 5th grade student was killed in this, while several others remain in critical condition and are fighting for their lives.  Many sources are reporting that they have on video the school bus driver missing the Waterloo exit, then crossing multiple lanes and trying to make an illegal U-turn across Route 80.  I wouldn't attempt making a U-turn on 80 in my Jeep, ALONE, let alone with a bus full of kids and chaperones!  My niece Bella just turned ten years old and is in 4th grade, maybe that's another reason why this situation hits so close to home for me.  This development has made the story feel even worse for me.  I'm glad that Paramus kept their schools open so that kids could grieve together.  We will do our very best to continue keeping you posted on developments.  I don't think we will ever forget those frightening images of the school bus literally torn apart.  Our continued thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.  

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