The Highest Rated Wedding Venues In New Jersey

Welcome back wedding season!  There are so many absolutely gorgeous venues in Jersey to get married.  As long as I don't have to be in them (I've been a groomsman umpteen times,) I love a great wedding.  They are ranking the best wedding venues in Jersey based on Yelp reviews.  Living in Vernon, it's always more exciting to see wedding parties all the time for several months.  The secret is out on how beautiful Sussex County is for weddings, that's for sure.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan keeps showing me rings that she likes, her hints are becoming louder everyday.  SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY!  You may remember the couple a few months ago who were married in Walmart.  They picked that Walmart because not only did they meet there as coworkers, but the couple also wanted their friends to be a part of it.  You may know that I met Awesome Girlfriend Megan at our radio station while doing my Pet Of The Week.  Meg and her Awesome Daughter Hailey were rescue volunteers, so it was their turn to bring my Pets Of The Week to our radio station.  Since we met at our radio station, I always joke and tease Meg that we could save a few bucks and get married at station.  I claim to be a hopeless romantic, she counters that I'm being "cheap and tacky."  Congratulations to Sparta and Hackettstown for making this Yelp list with  The Hackettstown spot is right near mine and Meg's favorite dive bar!  We could have our reception at the dive bar after our vows --- okay, I'm pushing my luck.


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