Best burgers in New Jersey?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  This is the time of the year where we break out the outdoor grills, fire up some steaks, chicken, burgers, hot dogs and other forms of grilling goodness that make your mouth water at just the smell of the food being cooked under a fire.  Mmmmm....

Then there are times when firing up a grill just isn't in your plans, but you're still in the mood for that succulent burger. recently posted an article on where to find the best burgers in each of the counties here in New Jersey.  Whether you stay local here in Sussex County or take that long drive down all the way to Cape May, there's that one place that you keep coming back for more because you think you've found that particular county's best kept secret.  I won't tell you where I got my burger on the photo below, but if you want to find an equivalent or something with a little extra condiment or two, check out the link below.

The best burger in each of N.J.'s 21 counties


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