Classic, Outrageous Stories From Action Park

Vernon will be indirectly put in the national spotlight when Johnny Knoxville's movie, "Action Point," gets released June 1st.  You can see the official trailer for this movie Knoxville says is inspired by the late Action Park here in Jersey.  These stories from Action Park's history on are absolutely compelling, and match so many of the stories I have heard about it from my friends here in Jersey.  Apparently Johnny Knoxville even injured his eye while doing a stunt for this film.  When I first moved here to Jersey, the name Action Park was temporarily brought back to the Vernon water park.  Can you believe they attracted a million people per year during their peak?  Since I was new to the country life, when skimming a press release announcing they kept the thrills but lost some of the spills, there was an immediate double take by me.  I was asking aloud "where in the world have I moved to?"  For years my friends have spoken glowingly about the spirit of freedoms and personal responsibilities, and some of their minor injuries from the late Action Park.  I remembered hearing stories of "Accident Park," "Traction Park," as it was nicknamed.  Even though I wish that Knoxville and his team filmed it here in Vernon as opposed to South Africa, I still can't wait to watch this.  Time for a movie trip!           


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