We Could Get Food Trucks In Newton By July 1st!

We could be getting food trucks in Newton by July 1st.  I'm a supporter of food trucks, provided they don't park near brick and mortar restaurants.  Despite being a very picky eater, I love the fun variety food trucks can bring to us.  This week the Newton Town Council approved an amendment that could get food trucks by the Newton Pool July 1st, just in time for Fourth Of July Weekend!  What kind of food trucks would you like to see?  I'm craving pizza, barbecue, and perhaps seafood too.  Even though I personally don't do cheese, I support my many friends and family who live for cheese.  Perhaps a cheese food truck?

I'm a huge fan of this article.  They're saying quite often we are judging our wardrobe the wrong way.  When examining the financial cost of our current and future clothes additions, we should also gauge how often we wear it.  If you spend $100 on a fancy item you're only going to wear once, it's probably not worth your money.  If you spend $100 on a pair of jeans you'll wear at least weekly spanning a couple years, that might be more of a justifiable purchase.  

Steve Andrews was teasing me about this in our daily 8:45am feature.  Andrews LOVES to discuss germ stories designed to make me go crazy since I'm a germphobe.  Kitchen dish towels might be making us sick!  This makes sense if they're not washed enough.  Steve Andrews washes his towels every few days.  My lifestyle is much better in this regard.  I HAVE A TON OF DISH TOWELS AND NEVER USE THEM!  When you do paper plates and plastic silverware ALL the time, you're golden!  I think my bachelor (lazy) lifestyle pays off major dividends in this case.  

Is there still a stigma for women dating younger men?  Even though there definitely shouldn't be, I bet that silly stigma still lingers.  This subject mentions how George Clooney at 57 and his 40 year old wife Amal Clooney, their age difference isn't perceived to be an issue whereas if gender roles were reversed this likely would be.  I feel that compatibility is far more important than age differences, and live by that.  You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but Awesome Girlfriend Megan is 9 years older than me (please don't hit me Meg!)  I can assure you whenever we have had minor couple disagreements and quarrels over the last two years (knock on wood every time I say that,) AGE has never been a factor in them.  Typically it's something dumb I say or do.  At 36 and never married, it goes without saying I'm not smooth, right?


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