Legal Sports Gambling In Jersey Starts Today!

Legalized sports gambling is starting in New Jersey today!  Governor Phil Murphy will make the first legal sports bet at Monmouth Park racetrack.  I'm hopeful we can get online legal gambling within approximately 30 days.  Atlantic City (AC) just became more fun!  Borgata is joining the party immediately.  Even though Delaware beat us to the punch with legalized sports gambling starting last week, we're officially starting on today.  Jersey lawmakers reportedly passed the bill two Thursdays ago.

Last month The Supreme Court shot down a ruling that prevented states other than Nevada to allow gambling on sports.  Atlantic City and race tracks have been lobbying to get this ruling for several years.  This could have a major impact on AC and race tracks all over America.  Nevada has had exclusive sports gambling until now.  I think that sports gambling should be allowed, if you don't like the issues that come with it, then don't do it!  This could give a big boost to AC which gets me very excited!  I LOVE Vegas, and now AC could become more like it possibly?  Yes please!  In the age of Internet and convenience, so many have been gambling online for years that this law blocking it seemed silly to me.  

This story cracks me up big time.  They're saying not enough sleep is of course bad for us, but getting too much sleep is also bad for our health.  Raise your hand if you're guilty of getting too much sleep.  You can hear the crickets, right?  I'll take the too much sleep problem in a heartbeat!  50 to 70 million people in America reportedly have some sort of sleep disorder, and I believe it.  Here are some sleep tips from The National Sleep Foundation.  I never knew until now that there was a National Sleep Foundation either.  

In other unsurprising news, we WANT SPACE!  I'm completely anti the open office floor plan.  As most other Americans, I want space!  Open office floor plans are way too distracting.  I'm not saying that privacy is needed in my office, the door's open pretty much 24/7.  I already annoy my office neighbors enough by cranking Adele, Ed Sheeran and WHAM! from my office.  They probably don't want even more of that from me.  Even the majority of millennials are opposed to the open office floor plan.  

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