Best Hot Dogs In NJ

They're doing a poll on where you can vote for who you think has the best hot dogs.  At cookouts I tend to do hot dogs instead of burgers for several reasons.  Burgers at cookouts almost always will have cheese on them, and as we know I am a total freak who doesn't like cheese.  Burgers at cookouts are usually safely cooked to at least medium, whereas I always say with my meat, the redder the better!!!  Awesome Girlfriend Megan came over last night for our Tuesday night date night, where she drives all the way from her career at Rutgers University in New Brunswick to see me in Vernon.  She's amazing.  I wanted to surprise her and show off with hot dogs on the grill.  She's picky about hot dogs and prefers Ballpark Beef Franks, so naturally I went for those.  Last night I attempted to get fancy, and toasted the hot dog buns in my toaster.  Yes, I'm fully aware most normal people toast buns on their grill.  Take it easy on me please, I'm still slowly learning!  Even though I was conservative with the toasting and could've made them darker, we were thrilled with our results.  How lucky is Meg? ;)


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