Outdated Rules On Dating + Helpful Stretches

Essence has come up with what they say are 5 outdated dating rules.  I think ALL dating rules are outdated.  Did I ever tell you that Awesome Girlfriend Megan didn't kiss me on our first date?    After our successful and fun first date at Mohawk House in Sparta, I naturally went in for the kill.  She gave me the brush off to kiss on cheek.  I was actually not used to that, and worried about it being a bad sign.  Now two years into our relationship, we can safely assume that rule about whether or not kissing too soon or too late is archaic.  I don't believe in numbers and milestones.  If it works for you, let the relationship blossom.  I'm old school on one dating rule, I always preferred to pay on the first date.  However if the girl asked me, or picked a place beyond my means, I'm okay in 2018 letting her pay.  Truth be told, Meg and I still fight over paying.  She paid for our hotel room in Asbury Park this weekend, and I tried to pay for everything else we did all weekend.  

This weekend, I'm going back home to Boston and seeing my family.  My Grammy, also known as "Captain Chaos," is turning 85!  I can't wait to see her and the rest of my family.  It will be a much quicker visit than I would prefer, but we will just make every second count.  Lots of driving in a short time.  Mind Body Green, one of my favorite sites is giving us 7 yoga stretches that can be helpful especially after a road trip.  I'll be trying some of these for sure, they seem rather simple.


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