Our One Day Weekend In Pictures

We had a fun, action packed 1 day weekend.  It felt kind of like an additional Sunday, right?  The big story is that a Bear must've heard about us doing Bear Week and decided to pay us a visit.  I was able to get Awesome Girlfriend Megan on Campus during our 1 day weekend, and have some fun.  Poor Meg is such a trooper.  Tuesday night is our date night, where she comes up all the way from Rutgers University in New Brunswick to Vernon.  It's usually at least a 2 hour ride, then we're able to see each other for almost an hour, before she drives nearly an hour back home to Hackettstown.  Meg hit HORRIBLE traffic combined with flash flooding on her way up to see me Tuesday night, taking almost 3 hours.

Once we finally got her here, life was good.  We started off celebrating America's birthday with our some of our besties, Carrie, Jamie and Jasen.  Delicious red wine all around.  Great times with even better friends.  We then slept in Wednesday morning.  My goal was to not let my Irish Tail MELT.  I would've been sweaty and miserable if we did any outdoor activities.  I came up with the plan, taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan to one of her favorite childhood spots, Cryann's Tavern in Annandale.  Their thin crust pizza we split was absolutely delicious.  Not quite worth the 1 hour 14 minute ride each way, but it was great to see Meg smile and enjoy a trip down memory lane.  

Rain and flash flooding followed us wherever we went as the trek up 78, 287, 80, then 15.  We started getting texts from our besties to see them at our favorite Campus Tiki Bar.  I was reluctant at first due to the excessive heat warnings.  We ended up going and having a blast.  The rain never hit Vernon apparently!  Everyone at Tiki Bar kept saying how much they are loving Bear Week.  We enjoyed a great time with Jasen, Edward, Sally, Doug, and Cheryl.  

Then after Meg went back to Hackettstown, a Bear must've heard about Bear Week happening on our radio stations and wanted to make the cut.  Okay, he was probably just hungry and went dumpster diving.  Nah, we'll go with he wanted to be a part of #BearWeek.  While I'm not a fan of people shooting off fireworks after 11pm when many have to wake up early for work the next morning, we still had a wonderful 1 day weekend.  I hope your 4th was wonderful, and hey look at how close we are to next weekend now!


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