Robocalls Are Worse Than Ever!

Robocalls are SO annoying!  I get several per day, and immediately now block the number.  It doesn't seem to make a difference, but I do feel slightly better after blocking the number.  The FCC is saying we are now getting 18 billion robocalls a year, up 75% from last year!  Hopefully they can get phone companies to help us with this annoying problem.  Just when you thought by getting rid of land lines we could dodge telemarketers, they keep finding us.  Ugh!

5 tips that can help some of your anxiety towards money.  My favorite tip is spending money on experiences rather than material things.  Not all of these tips are doable, such as hiring a financial expert.  If I had the money to hire a financial expert, then anxiety over money probably wouldn't be an issue for me!  LOL.  It's like the chicken and the egg, right?  

Planet Fitness has released a survey on what we fear, depicting our serious body image issues.  There is more fear of being seen in a bathing suit than seeing a shark for many!  YIKES!  I'll be at our Campus Pool on Minerals Sports Club this weekend.  Even though I'm nowhere near in bathing suit shape yet, you only live once.  I won't let it stop me from enjoying one of our first beautiful weekends all summer long!


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