Another Epic Summer Weekend In Pictures

Going into this weekend, I was very excited to get Awesome Girlfriend Megan on Campus in Vernon.  Friends joke whenever I say "yes I get her this weekend," as if I get custody of her.  I had a nice grill session planned for us, a couple of Ballpark All Beef Franks (Meg's favorite hot dog brand style,) and some burgers.  Meg even scored online for us another bottle of that Longhorn Seasoning that we swear by for our grilling of steaks and burgers.  Friday night ended up not going at all the way we had planned, as one of Awesome Girlfriend Megan's daughters came down with a little stomach bug.  Friday night Meg ended up staying in Hackettstown, I stayed in Vernon on Campus.  

I then went over to see some of my besties, Carrie, Jasen, and Janice.  Good times.  My friends did a terrific job of trying to cheer me up, but they knew I was missing Meg tons.  They enjoyed steaks on the grill, I was too sad to eat.  I did still enjoy tasty red wine at least!  Then Janice came in saying "Steve, I know it's Bear Week, and there is a Mama Bear with two cubs just outside of here!  I then went out and took a Facebook Live video of the Mama Bear with her cubs, while staying behind a couple of cars.  I did alright, right?  The BEAR was huge!  The two little cubs were at times adorable.  Apparently they wanted to be a part of our Bear Week.  Who doesn't?  

Saturday morning I was able to get Meg in Vernon.  YES!  I then ended up grilling our Friday night planned cookout Saturday morning.  My neighbors must all think I'm crazy, two weeks ago I grilled steaks at 6:30 in the morning for Steve Andrews' birthday, then Saturday morning I'm grilling again.  The burgers and dogs came out great --- I'm learning burger patties premade are not my favorite style.  We much prefer ground beef that we can put together and make a great juicy burger --- which is easier to grill medium rare.  I'm all about redder is better!  

Saturday afternoon we were then able to have a great chill at the pool day with some of our besties.  Jasen, Doug and Sally were all relaxing with us at Minerals Sports Club while I was getting scorched.  Despite using SPF 30 sunscreen before, and reapplying several times, my stomach, ankle, and a part of my shoulder got sunburnt.  It's not the worse sunburn ever as if I'm medium rare, more like medium to medium well.  Saturday night we then went over to Doug and Sally's with our besties Edward, Jasen, and Spot.  At times I think it was more Spot walking Sally than Sally walking Spot, lol.  Great friends enjoying a gorgeous Saturday night on their beautiful deck, while enjoying pizza.  Perfection!  Meg even volunteered to be Designated Driver for us.  She's the best!  

Saturday night after the party when we went back to Campus, I wanted Meg to finally enjoy a good glass of wine and relax.  I then enjoyed the wine with her, and woke up with a very heavy head Sunday morning.  What do we always say about how mixing is not a great idea?  

Sunday morning, I had a feeling that a Guinness at The Cottage in Franklin would help me.  The iron and magnesium in Guinness can definitely help you bounce back.  We had fun seeing some of our regular buddies, then I get an Instagram message.  Matt, my friend who I worked with at a Boston radio station for several years, was in town to pick up Max, my Adopt A Pet Of The Week!  You never know how much of an impact we can make in our everyday lives.  With my Pets Of The Week, I usually spend upwards of an hour posting them on our radio station web site, Facebook, and Instagram outlets.  Right after I posted Max, a 13 year old purebred Boston Terrier on Instagram, my friend Matt commented that he wanted him.  I honestly didn't take it too seriously at first, because we get many comments from everyone saying they want to take home my cute Pets.  Matt then direct messaged me explaining "no you don't understand.  We just had to put our purebred Boston Terrier down 2 months ago, while I was going to look for a new rescue puppy, this guy just made me fall in love with him.  Maybe he only has two years left, but I'll give him two GREAT years!"  Unbelievable.  I let Father John's Animal House reach out to him.  Yesterday, my friend Matt drove from Boston, to Lafayette at their shelter picking up Max.  Meg and I got there just in time to see Matt and Max.  Max is so happy!!!!!  Shout out to Matt for also making that MAJOR drive in just one day!  I know first hand those drives are tough!  

Sunday night, time to see some of my besties at our Campus Tiki Bar, JG and Bill.  We also then made new friends, I got to meet Katelyn (apologies on if I spelled her name wrong.)  Katelyn (sp) is a huge fan of our radio station and was very excited to meet me.  I was excited to meet her too.

That wraps up another amazing weekend filled with many wonderful memories.  Even though our weekend didn't go as originally planned, we still had an Awesome time together.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

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