Over 172 Cats Now Rescued From Wantage Home

This has been such a troubling case in Wantage, where they have now rescued over 172 cats from a hoarding situation.  The pictures and videos have been absolutely heartbreaking, seeing so many cats in a disgusting and dangerously unhealthy situation.  This is another reason why we always stress and beg for you to spay and neuter your pets.  These situations can rapidly deteriorate and get out of control.  St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center has been taking this case on rescuing almost 200 cats from this home in Wantage.  You can see ways to help them here.

At first when I saw the phrase "Summer Mondays," I assumed it meant keeping office wear more casual just like Fridays.  They're saying it's much better for you to take Mondays off during the summer for long weekends instead of Fridays, and I agree.  Granted, this Friday I need to take off due to my best friend Nudd's bachelor party, but special occasions are special occasions.  Financially, hotels tend to be MUCH cheaper Sunday nights as opposed to Friday nights, so you can save some money by doing your long weekend on Monday instead of Friday.  

Scratch and sniff WINE?  This seems rather aggressive to me, though I like their idea.  Cocomero has released a new watermelon wine, where you can sniff the outside of their bottle in liquor stores.  I like that they're being creative and consumer friendly by allowing you to preview their wine before buying it.  I just can't picture myself sniffing wine bottles in the middle of a liquor store.

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