Were You Caught In That Terrible Traffic on 23?

That brush fire last night on Route 23 causing awful traffic was intense!  Traffic was brutal on 23 and 80 as well.  Thank goodness for our firefighters from Hardyston and New Jersey Forest Fire Service, extinguishing it before matters became even worse.  When's the last time we needed a helicopter dropping water to help with the brush fire?  It's amazing to me that after all this rain we had in the springtime, conditions are very fragile for forest fires.  Tuesday nights are "date night," for me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  She has a few free hours from the youngest Awesome Daughter, so Meg drives all the way up from her job at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, sees me for almost an hour before needing to drive almost an hour to Hackettstown.  She's truly amazing.   I felt awful with how tired she was after her nearly 2.5 hour commute to Vernon, just for me.  Meg and I always give our very best effort to make every second we can get together count!   

On a related note, Google Maps is the most popular direction App.  I tend to favor Google Maps myself, even though Waze can be very helpful with warnings on upcoming hazard alerts.  Last night, poor Awesome Girlfriend Megan was using both Google Maps and Waze, to see if one could give her a quicker ETA for Vernon.  Negative.  That brush fire was so bad off of Route 23, the traffic spillover to 80 was brutal too.  While I am more comfortable with Google Maps, some of my friends swear by Waze.  Maybe I'll experiment with Waze again this weekend when Meg and I return to Boston.  Can you believe Google Maps is at 67% popularity and Waze is only 12%?  I thought Waze would be a bit higher.

Creating a self care routine that actually works?  Sign me up for this!  These are wonderful tips like getting more sleep (don't we all want that anyway?) and doing things you actually want to do.  Their tip about holding ourselves more accountable?  Okay, I'll try to get better on that one too!  


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