Unboxing videos and the excitement it creates

There's a new craze going on and it watching videos on YouTube of ordinary folk like you and me unboxing a recently purchased premium item from a store.  It could be the latest smartphone, 4K television set, assorted steaks, or the hottest toy kids are frantically searching for.  In fact, I was sold onto a big boombox bluetooth speaker last year, purely based on watching someone unbox that item and demonstrating how well the speaker worked and its functionalities.

The website Commonsensemedia.org published an online article explaining exactly what entails with watching "unboxing" videos.  Some of those videos could easily influence kids enough to want a particular item.  In a way, they are much more effective in selling an item than a television commercial could ever hope for.  Check out the link below for more details.

What are YouTube unboxing videos?


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