Psychiatrist: Wantage Man Fit to Stand Murder Trial

A forensic psychiatrist testified on Wednesday that a Wantage resident accused of murder is competent to stand trial. However, Judge William J. McGovern III wants further evaluations to take place. It is believed that Victor Razumov, 23, slit Virginia "Suzy" Sommer's throat while he burglarized her Lake Neepaulin home in 2012. He says he was framed by authorities.

Dr. Eleanor Bo of Trenton Psychiatric Hospital said that the accused had an understanding of the charges against him and was able to explain the basic process of a court system. 

The lengthy charges against Razumov include first-degree murder, first-degree felony murder, possession of a knife, stealing jewelry worth more than $500, selling the stolen jewelry, tampering with a probation receipt by eating it, attempting to avoid arrest, and obstructing the state police's criminal investigation by attempting to destroy evidence.

After Bo took the stand, Razumov gave a 20-minute testimony in which he said that nearly a week after the murder he was "drugged with acid" and when authorities arrived to arrest him they planted evidence. Authorities, on the other hand, have footage of Razumov pawning Sommer's jewelry at a Sussex shop.

Razumov's competency has been in question since his arrest. In 2014 while in Trenton State Prison he gouged out his left eye and almost did the same to the right eye, leaving him blind. He claims corrections officers did it after they drugged him with acid and maced him.

The Judge wants Bo to further evaluate Razumov as he could not render a verdict on whether a trial should proceed at this time. The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 17.

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