5 Things R. Kelly Admits on New Song "I Admit"

R. Kelly has been in the news throughout the years for scandals. In March, Variety reported that the R&B singer was accused of keeping a 14-year-old girl as a pet/sex slave. In 2000, the then 27-year-old wed 16-year-old Aaliyah. In the years between both incidents he's faced a slew of sexual misconduct accusations, including being charged for making child pornography. 

Now, he's admitting to, but also denying, a lot on his new 20-minute song, "I Admit." Here are 5 things he sings about:

  1. His lawyers told him to settle cases even though he says the accusations were bull. Throughout the years he's settled numerous lawsuits out of court, including those filed by Tracy Sampson and Tiffany Hawkins.
  2. He hasn't seen his kids in years and even apologizes to them for everything they hear about their father in the news.
  3. He's had sex with basically everyone, including his friend's girlfriend, girlfriends best friend, and old and young women. But don't call him a pedophile "because that sh*t is crazy." 
  4. He loves Steve Harvey, John Legend, and Tom Joyner but doesn't get why they would want to "tear down another brother."
  5. The abuse and sex cult allegations are absurd according to Kelly. He says Jocelyn Savage's father is the one that brought her to his show in the first place.

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