Another Epic Weekend In Pictures For Me!

Well this was certainly quite an epic weekend in pictures for us!  This weekend was filled with many laughs, memories, friends, food, beer, and wine.  Some are claiming I was using Awesome Girlfriend Megan as a "human shield," from the Bears at Space Farms Zoo & Museum, but as you can see that clearly wasn't the case!  My weekend started off Friday night for a chill night in with my besties Jasen and Carrie.  Delicious red wine plus steaks on the grill, and I'm a happy camper!  I usually don't eat at night, but had to make an exception for those steaks.  Jasen was a grill master with excellent seasoning.  At that same time, my bros from home were teasing me via text because I need to use a meat thermometer when I'm grilling.  Better safe than sorry!  At that point, I was texting Awesome Girlfriend Megan wishing her "have fun at the fair tonight babe!"  I accidentally sent that to our text thread with my bros from home.  Whoops!  Like they don't do the same thing?  

Then Saturday is where the Weekend starts to get epic.  102.3 WSUS and our morning guy Steve Andrews did our annual live broadcast from Space Farms Zoo & Museum in Wantage for their Junior Zookeepers Day.  Since Awesome Girlfriend Megan was originally slated to have kid detail all weekend, I came up with the plan of taking her and the kids to the zoo.  I'll do anything to see Meg, even if I'm dodging wildlife!  Saturday at Space Farms was fantastic, Meg's eldest Awesome Daughter Caitlin's fiance Robbie was celebrating his 21st birthday, and he'll never forget this one.  His grandfather donated a tractor to the Space Farms Museum, and Robbie was beaming with pride showing it off to us.  Meg's middle Awesome Daughter / Aspiring Veterinarian Hailey was on cloud 9.  She was so happy being surrounded by so many animals at once and being able to feed them.  It's always fun running into your friends at these events.  We had fun seeing Jill Space, and Parker immediately said to me "hey Steve, it's weird we're running into each other at work for a change!"  Lol.  We usually run into each other while doing errands, or enjoying a beverage at a bar after errands.  Steve Andrews jumped in the rattlesnake pit again with Parker, and I enjoyed watching that Facebook Live video from the comforts of a pub!  

I was so excited we were able to take Robbie out for his first ever legal beer at a bar.  Meg and I wanted him to enjoy one of our favorite spots for lunch with us, The Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin.  Between us, I pulled some strings, and messaged my buddy Damian asking if he could give a great Guinness pour with a clover in the foam to make Robbie's first ever beer special.  Damian responded immediately saying he would be thrilled to try.  He gave Robbie a nice tall Guinness pint glass from Ireland, and we enjoyed all enjoyed a delicious lunch, along with our Guinness and Shirley Temples.  While the first few Guinness attempts didn't have an ultimate clover design, Damian came spring over 20 minutes later announcing "ALRIGHT, I GOT IT!"  I'm so lucky.  We have so many close friends who made our Weekend special.

We then enjoyed quality time at our Campus Tiki Bar.  Meg and I were able to hang out with our besties, Shawn and Mark, Dom and Cheryl.  Then after hanging out poolside, we joined the party at Tiki with Ty, Amanda, Carol, Jasen, and most importantly, Spot, LOL.  I grilled terrific burgers for Meg and we were happy with the outcome.  Take that, calling my awesome grill "cute and little."  I even yelled at Meg this weekend for calling it cute.  By Saturday night, Garret from Father John's Animal House informed me that both my Pets Of The Week, Karma and Bailey had been adopted, less than 2 days after coming on my radio show!!!  #RadioGetsResults

Sunday we enjoyed more time with our friends at The Cottage again while enjoying golf on TV.  Believe it or not, when you're with people who are fans, golf can be so much fun to watch.  Meg then had to go back to Hackettstown, and I went back to Campus in Vernon.  Also shout outs to my new buddies, Brittany who was psyched to meet me because her Mom loves us (can never hear that enough, LOL,) and Dana Marie Tedesco who did a great job keeping Bears away from me at our Minerals Campus Pool.  I told her the Bears at Space Farms were more than enough for me to handle!  We had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did too.  We are already planning next weekend!  


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