Our Legislators Oppose Local Schools Losing Funding

As we're diving deeper into New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's new school funding law, it appears Sussex County will be getting hurt with less state financial aid.  The three 24th District state legislators, Steve Oroho, Hal Wirths and Parker Space immediately blasted this new budget plan.  Due to population decline all over the county, this was expected on some level.  All but 4 school systems in Sussex County are reportedly facing these cuts.  Some local school officials are saying that the funding is even worse than they were told just a few months ago.  Vernon, Hopatcong, and Wallkill all stand to lose funding with this new budget.  It looks like Newton, Sussex Tech, and some others will at least remain flat.  This could lead to staff cuts in our schools.  You can see a complete breakdown by community from NJ.com here.  I grew up in a suburb of Boston, where overcrowding in schools is such a major issue, so this is opposite of everything I know.  

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

American Customer Satisfaction Index has come out with their official survey and the results are loud --- we are currently not happy with Social Media!  These studies report that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have the least satisfied users in social media these studies.  I admit, Facebook annoys me with their weird changing news feed algorithms ALL the time.  They seem to have fewer annoying ads than in recent memory, but most friends I know complain about the weird news feed that randomly shows you posts from several days ago, and also how overly political so many are.  I respect many opinions, beliefs and passions on all sides --- but do they think that nonstop annoying political memes are going to sway people over to their side?  I like that Instagram tends to be less political, even though the annoying political memes sneak their way over to this platform too sometimes.  

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