7 Year Old's Lemonade Stand Shut Down!

This story has been cracking me up all day.  The New York State Health Department reportedly shut down a 7 year old boy's lemonade stand.  He ran it without a permit, so they shut him down after complaints from Saratoga Fair vendors that he Brendan was undercutting their prices.  Comedy gold!  They've already done reversals on whether or not the kid needs a $30/year permit to run his lemonade stand.  I want to applaud this 7 year old entrepreneur.  He already has a strong work ethic, how many 17 year old kids do we know who don't even want to work?  By the way, I hate to admit this, whenever there's a lemonade story, I still think back to that hilarious Ice T Geico commercial.  IT'S LEMONADE, READ THE SIGN!


5 easy ways to practice mindfulness!  I feel this article unecessarily bashes yoga, but is overall very productive.  Basically, breathe more, and enjoy life.  One of their suggestions is listening to music, and I agree!  

Who has the best Happy Hour value deals at chain restaurants?  Some of these aren't too far away.  The closest TGI Friday's I know of is in Middletown, I always drive by it but haven't checked it out just yet.  Applebee's and Chili's are also well represented in these Happy Hour deals.  


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