My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Fun Around The Fair

Another epic Weekend In Pictures has me a little tired on a Monday morning.  I blame The New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm And Horse Show!  Friday night our sister station NNJ was at The Fair, meaning I had the night off woohoo!  Steve Andrews was at The Fair Saturday from 3-7pm, and I took my show on the road Sunday afternoon from 3-7pm.  Friday night, time to celebrate with some of our amazing friends.  We went to Minerals Moonshine Tiki Bar, probably 20 minutes before the skies opened up on us.  We took Spot home once as the skies kept getting darker, since he like many other dogs is not a fan of the rain.  We made it back just in time to watch INTENSE rain storms while enjoying delicious beverages at the bar.  I swear, one of my favorite things is having a great time with my besties while being covered from Mother Nature.  Watching intense storms from the comforts of being covered can be so much fun.  Success!  

Saturday morning we hit the ground running.  First crisis, Awesome Girlfriend Megan was missing her hair straightener.  The struggle is real, right?  I ventured out to get her a new hair straightener, and of course ran into my buddy Bill who immediately heckled me "hey, is that hair straightener for you, Steve?"  LOL.  Successful purchase.  We then had burgers and hot dogs left in my fridge we wanted to grill.  Cookout for brunch?  Meg and I vote YES!  As you can see, the results speak for themselves.  Take that Steve Andrews for calling my Awesome Grill "CUTE!"  Like my boy Nate commented over the weekend, "#regulationgrill."  LOL.  We enjoyed our Saturday morning cookout brunch.  

We then ventured out on a new adventure.  Meg and I love trying out breweries and wineries.  We went to Skylands Craft Beer & Wine Garden and had a great time.  While most of the craft beers weren't new to us because we're expert craft beer lovers (lushes,) Meg and I still had a wonderful, relaxing time.  They were packed, great for them.  They have an absolutely gorgeous setup there with terrific spacing.  We also had a fun classic country drive there, I figured that with their Wantage location we would end up on 23.  Negative.  We went through a ton of interesting fun and windy mountain roads.  Meg grew up in Pa so she was in heaven, for me after 4 years I'm still adjusting to these.  

Saturday afternoon, we saw our Bestie Jasen for a quick beer, and of course swinging by the guard gate to see our new buddy Dana Marie Tedesco.  She does a great job keeping bears out of our Campus pool at Minerals, and even came over to say hi to me at The Fair.  

Saturday night we ventured off Campus, and to The Cottage in Franklin, where our buddy Bill was playing in his Scott McBrit band.  All night long they were playing covers that everyone knew singing along to with gorgeous weather on the patio.  Great night, with amazing friends.  We even ran into our buddy / radio station official plow guy, Steeler Fan Kenny.  Oh, and Bill dragged me on stage to sing Kid Rock's All Summer Long --- which by know I should know every word --- apparently I don't.  Many fun memories!  Shout out to Awesome Girlfriend Megan for being Designated Driver for me!  I think in return she got to see me being merry --- and silly.  


Sunday, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I ventured out to see our friends at Granny's for breakfast.  We needed some Taylor Ham after our wild Saturday night.  Delicious breakfast while laughing with friends.  Great times.  We also had fun recapping my absolutely terrible and comedic performance with the band.  Meg and I had fun like we always do.  Then Meg had to go back to Hackettstown and see the girls, while I got ready for The Fair.  This was one of the hottest Fairs in my 4.5 years here in Jersey.  The early part of this week, with daily highs in the 90s gives me memories of that bad heat wave we had during the whole fair a couple of summers ago.  My biggest advice: drink water!  I drank 4 water bottles while at The Fair, and still feel subpar today.  One of my favorite parts about the New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm & Horse Show?  FRIENDS.  I love it when we run into so many of my friends there, and of course the delicious food smells nonstop all over the place.  I'm humbled by friends who went to The Fair and told me how every single Monday they check out My Weekend In Pictures to see what kind of adventures I enjoy.  Thanks to Awesome Girlfriend Megan and so many of our amazing friends, I had a wonderful weekend.  I hope you did too.  Let's start planning next Weekend now!

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