Apparently Anxiety Isn't In Our Heads After All...

Late last night when she should have been sleeping, Awesome Girlfriend Megan sent me a very interesting article.  While I've been told at times that depression, fear and anxiety may be all in my head, in reality it may be in my butt!  Apparently there is a psoas muscle they refer to as "muscle of the soul."  Whenever I get deep tissue massages and they hit my rear end, it's usually immediately relieving.  Perhaps that's why?  I always just figured our butts were sore from sitting on them all day at work.  Higher Perspective says that these stretches can help with the tension, which would lead to less stress and us sleeping better!  I think Meg and I might need to try this after my NJ State Fair Sussex County Farm And Horse Show live broadcast tonight.

I completely agree with this article that states the key to your kids succeeding in school is curiosity.  I need to be more curious in life.  Whenever I notice my extremely intelligent friends and their brains at work, much of their knowledge comes from them always being curious.  We must remind ourselves to never stop learning.  If I don't know something and we're at a bar, you can bet I'll be googling on my smartphone immediately.  I even have a sign on my desk that says "IDK, Google It."    

Work life balance is always a struggle for many of us.  I'm extremely guilty of this.  In radio, we are on call 24/7.  Almost 75% think their work - life balance is good!  I'm trying to get better with this every single day.

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