Negotiating For More Money Successfully

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The first step to getting more money is probably researching and learning your value.  You of course don't want to underestimate or overestimate your worth.  Being able to cite how you've drive business revenue over the past 12 months can be a major help too.  I was giving my sister Suzanne guidance on this when she up for a new deal just last week.  She was asking if it's okay to seek "ie $X amount per hour OR Y amount per hour," and I immediately told her that it's in her best interest to ask for the higher number.  From my experience, companies don't tend to offer you a salary higher than what you're asking.  They're giving 6 tips on negotiating, and these are quite strong.  Remaining professional, starting early, and knowing when to walk are excellent tips.  You can see the rest here.  

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Okay, this wine and eggs diet from the 1960s that has everyone buzzing is intriguing and borderline frightening.  Wine in the morning, plus coffee at night?  This diet is pushing white wine, where you may know I myself prefer red red wine.  Cabernet over here please!  However, wine and eggs, both low carb options has terrific potential.  I love them separately but have never tried both together as a pairing.  If I can try eating alligator, why can't I try this combination?  

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Wedding traditions we can skip!  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I hope to get hitched in approximately 3-4 years.  We aren't engaged yet.  Meg and I are counting down the days to celebrate the marriage for two of our best friends, Chris and Kayla.  Saturday September 8th in Maine cannot get here soon enough!  We can't wait to celebrate with them and so many of our friends.  PopSugar has a list of wedding traditions we can skip, some of these make sense.  Throwing confetti?  I haven't seen that at any of the many weddings I have seen, been in, etc.  Why would anyone want to make such a mess?  Eww gross.  Spending the night apart is an old school tradition I used to like, but now that may have seen its day.  

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