Lakeland And Highlands State Banks Are Merging

Lakeland Bank made the list for NJBIZ's 50 fastest growing companies last year, and they're about to get even bigger.  They'll be merging with Highlands State Bank, increasing their stronghold in Sussex County.  Once they acquire the 3 Highlands branches, Lakeland will have 15 in Sussex County, many more than other banks.  Lakeland Bank say that both their shareholders and customers will benefit from this transaction.  Their assets are currently valued at $5.5 BILLION.  Nice assets!  This agreement is valued over $50 million.  All of these numbers I can't even comprehend.  

There have been local banking changes, as Sussex Bank earlier this year acquired Community Bank of Bergen County, later rebranding themselves as SB One.  All of these banking changes, and I still drive at least a half hour away to my closest Bank Of America branch options, LOL.  

A Tour De Farm in Sussex County?  This sounds cool.  Full disclosure, I'd be more likely to drive than bicycle on this farm tour.  I do love when we can do events that celebrate the beauty we have in these parts.  So many breathtaking sights.  It's Sunday starting at The Fairgrounds while I'll be in Boston watching my favorite band, Pearl Jam, at Fenway Park.  

Photo by Pixabay

Listening to yoga music can help you sleep!  I'll admit, many nights while attempting to power down, there's jazz music in the background.  Sleeping is a struggle for me.  This brain just cannot turn off at all.  I've been trying yoga for a few months and that helps me a little.  I need to start meditating more.  If you want a laugh and enjoy something that didn't help me sleep, here is the now infamous video of me trying Goat Yoga.  


How about a cute Pug?  Meet Buddha, my adorable Pet Of The Week.  I LOVE Pugs, so when my friends at Father John's offered me my first ever Pug for Pet Of The Week, I cart wheeled!

Photo by Sarah The Web Girl

Photo by Sarah The Web Girl

At, they have come up with reasons why you should date a nerdy guy.  I definitely consider myself to be a radio nerd, and a football nerd.  How lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan?  Some of the reasons are that we're surprisingly funny, with which I agree.  I can be a hoot sometimes!  We don't play games, which is completely accurate.  I never have time for games nor drama.  You can see the rest of the list here.


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