Road Paving Begins On Route 517

The repaving project on Route 517 near 80 will continue throughout this month.  This will impact traffic when I'm driving on 517 to see Awesome Girlfriend Megan in Hackettstown, and when she's visiting me in Vernon.  While the timing may be inconvenient as we're all dealing with back to school traffic, they sound confident this will be done within weeks.  At least they're not closing lanes during rush hour commuting times.  I hope this paving project gets done MUCH quicker than the recent Route 94 paving project that took several months.  I swear I hit that one lane red light every single time, several times per day for 3 straight months.  Not that I'm bitter.  

Photo by Steve Allan

Ironically, the paving on 517 isn't too far from the Sussex County sign picture I took last winter.  Photo by Steve Allan

Best ways to save money while grocery shopping.  I think we're always trying to figure out ways we can save money at the grocery store.  Our friends at have come up with a list of ten easy ways to save money.  Some of these are definitely doable, buying snacks at TJ Maxx is something I have previously done.  Their tips about going meatless once in awhile just don't seem possible for me.  It's a great idea to ask the butcher about butcher specials --- even though I probably wouldn't do that --- I always hate to make a line longer or make people wait because of me.  Their tip about buying only items on sale for one week seems interesting if you can make it happen, but what if you are out of items?

Photo by Pixabay

Wedding pet peeves!  What do you think of these?  Some are complaining about bride's dresses?  That seems a bit weird to me.  I admit the cake smashing into your partner's face has got to go.  I don't want to do that to poor Awesome Girlfriend Megan someday!

Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I are very excited, this weekend we get to enjoy the marriage of Chris and Kayla Nudd.  Chris has been my best friend since we were 10.  There is nothing better than seeing your best friend you grew up with, marry the girl of his dreams, have beautiful kids, and live happily ever after.  I knew Kayla had the IT factor immediately when meeting her.  Even though I don't get to see my friends back home enough, hopefully they know I'm always just a text or phone call away from them.  

Photo by Pixabay

btw, can you believe my adorable Kitten Pet Of The Week, Earp, is still looking for his Furever family? Let's help him find his new family.  He's SO CUTE!!!   



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