Another Epic Weekend In Pictures: I Tried Boxing!

Our goal was to have a weekend of relaxation after having so many consecutive action packed weekends.  We gained more relaxation than normal, but our weekend still ended up being pretty adventurous.  At one point there was a chance of me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan going up to Boston for the Ed Sheeran concert.  This weekend I tried boxing for my first time ever, did a decent job grilling hot dogs, failed miserably at scrambling eggs again, was thrown off a mechanical bull, and saw my Patriots disappoint me.  I would like to update that my Uncle JDawg is home from the hospital, resting and recovering after that heart attack last weekend.  We will take that victory for sure and help him with his recovery.  Also, congratulations to all of our friends with The Sussex County Miners!  Champs!  

One of my Wicked Awesome Sister Suzanne's 3 jobs is working at a nice bowling restaurant bar at Gillette Stadium where my Patriots play.  She warned us Friday that Gillette Stadium was giving select random bars tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert.  Since Ed Sheeran is Awesome Girlfriend Megan's favorite, we would have made the trek up to Boston in between working commitments.  Unfortunately the tickets ran out and we ended up with our plan A of relaxing in Jersey anyway.  Friday night we hung out with our Besty's at Carrie's.  Great steak and wine with Carrie, Jasen, and Brendan.  Success!  


By Saturday morning, our weekend started to become more epic quite rapidly.  I went to Minerals and tried out boxing for my first ever time.  Sergio was my instructor and he clearly has the patience of a saint.  Boxing is FUN!  I'll definitely be trying this again.  I get why my buddies love that it's a different kind of workout than more orthodox routines.  I'm definitely not going to become a professional boxer anytime soon, but we had so much fun.  Some told me this weekend their favorite part was when I needed my trainer, Awesome Girlfriend Megan, to feed me water in between rounds.  You can't hold anything with boxing gloves!  Two days later, I'm more sore than that day.  Hamstrings and forearms are both very tight after that fun workout.  Those classes are Wednesdays and Saturdays if you're interested.  My work besty Shawn did a great job with our video for this.  

Saturday afternoon, Meg and I stayed on Campus and went to the pool.  We were able to relax by the pool for a couple hours and it felt amazing to recharge.  It was cloudy for most of our day, but then that last hour when we finally had sunshine we made it count!  We were able to hang with our besties Douglioso and JG.  Major success.  Saturday night we went to a birthday party in Franklin for an hour, then returned to Campus.  Unfortunately our beloved Tiki bar was closed by 8:30 when we arrived on Campus and it was gorgeous outside.  Ah well.  We still had fun with our friends upstairs at Kite's.  Great times with Edward, Jasen, Brendan, Natalee, Dave and Kyle.  Success!  Victory beers after my boxing bout lol.  

Sunday morning I attempted making scrambled eggs for the first time in many months.  I failed wildly.  I can now say that cooking scrambled eggs is not like riding a bicycle, I have forgotten most of the steps involved.  Thank goodness for Awesome Girlfriend Megan bailing me out on that one.  Then more radio fun work life.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan joined me at Sussex County Fairgrounds for Sussex County Day.  This is turning into one of my favorite days all year.  Tammy from Sussex County Chamber Of Commerce took me on her golf cart and gave us an awesome VIP tour.  We ended our video with me attempting to ride the mechanical bull and failing miserably.  Meg made her $1 donation and apparently told the bull ride guy "throw him off the bull fast this will be great!"  LOL.  I had so much fun at this event.  Tons of people were smiling rocking Sussex County Miners shirts celebrating the championship.  It felt great when so many friends swung by and said they love listening to us on the radio, and also LOVE watching our funny Facebook live videos.  When people meet us at radio station appearances they often say it's fun to match a person with the voice.  For me it's also fun to match them up with those who are watching our Facebook videos.  


Sunday afternoon, even though our teams weren't playing yet, we still swung by to see our pals at The Cottage.  Meg and I were craving those Perpetual IPA's.  Meg then went back to Hackettstown, and I was stewing in Vernon watching my Patriots disappoint me.  We usually have at least one early season let down, hopefully this is the only one.  At least Meg's Cowboys won, they needed that with all the negative hoopla around them lately.  Overall, our weekend was fantastic and we were able to see some of our wonderful friends.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.  Time to start planning next weekend!  

Update: Our Weekend Basically wrapped up Monday morning when I did a Facebook Live impromptu video to celebrate the new bus that goes directly from Vernon into the city every workday!  You can see more about it below.  It's a 60 day trial, and if we don't use it we'll lose it.  Today we had 4 commuters, hopefully we can keep building on this.  I really believe this can be huge for Vernon and Sussex County.



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