Another Epic Weekend In Pictures With Family

We definitely had another Epic Weekend In Pictures.  When my Weekend pictures get started on a Thursday night, you know it will be epic with great times, wonderful friends, picking up a wedding dress, plus delicious food and drink.  This weekend included having fun in Vernon, Hamburg, Hardyston, Rockaway Mall, Easton, PA, and Hackettstown.  We'll start with the Minerals Member Mixer Social Thursday night.  These parties are not only how I met most of my best friends, but also a place where we make new friends all the time.  My new buddy Rick Cataldi, is a retired teacher from Glenwood who listens to my show everyday.  He and his wife are having fun traveling to Ireland and more.  Love seeing when hard work can pay off for good people.  We had over a hundred people show up to our party, and everyone had fun.  Of course, having a Milago Tequila girl with samples definitely doesn't hurt the fun, lol.   

Friday afternoon we took my show on the road to Ideal Farm & Garden right by The Chatterbox.  Jan gave us a fun tour of all they have to offer for Fall --- and now that I know they sell wine AND fresh angus beef --- this for me and my grilling figures to be a game changer.  I then ventured to see my besties Jasen, Carrie and Brendan at Springs Bistro over at Crystal Tavern.  Fun night off of Campus but still not to far away at all.  It was wonderful to enjoy yummy red wine with some laughs, but it just wasn't the same without Meg.  Codependency what?  That wine cellar is epic and lives up to the hype, I will be checking that out again for sure.  Then we relaxed back on Campus with yummy wine bottles that were not worth thousands of dollars, lol.  


Saturday morning I did some basic errands like laundry, forgot to drop off dry cleaning, then ventured over to see Steve Andrews at Subaru World Of Newton.  Andrews was complaining to me about being cold because he didn't bring a jacket, so I let him borrow my iHeartRadio jacket.  Do I lead by example, or what?  This was on my way to some quick retail therapy on 206 in Newton where I scored a couple of great new shirts at Marshall's.  Always hit or miss, but after not going for a few months, I hit!  

Then it was off to Hackettstown, where Awesome Girlfriend Megan had the girls this weekend.  They had an eye exam appointment at 2pm over at Rockaway Mall.  You never have to twist my arm going to a mall.  I promised all of the girls that I would take them out to Cheesecake Factory after their eye exams, so they had light at the end of their tunnels.  The first eyeglass place we went to took quite some time.  We then ventured out to Sears Optical, which I honestly thought would be a waste of time due to Sears struggling as a company.  I was completely wrong.  The girl there was excellent, excited, helpful and showed us how we were overcharged at the first place.  Not to bash them, I'll just say the first place has a name that rhymes with DensCrafters.  I hopefully wasn't the bad guy when overruling Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Awesome Daughters on Meg's new glasses.  I prefer the small, tiny Elizabeth Hurley type of 90s glasses.  Her Awesome Daughters prefer the larger frames.  In an attempt to avoid conflict at Sears with 3 ladies, I walked away from Meg's large glass attempt.  They figured out quickly I wasn't a fan.  We then found ones that are terrific.  Success.  That being said, 4 hours is a long, long time to spend at a mall.

Cheesecake Factory was a major success.  I LOVE caramel dulce de leche cheesecake, it's an unhealthy love affair I have had since my early 20s.  I'll never forget my first time ever trying cheesecake when I was 18 at a Providence, Rhode Island Cheesecake Factory.  One of my besties Matt Lambalott was disgusted I hadn't tried it yet and said "that makes me sad!  If you're an american, you'll like cheesecake.  In fact, even if you're NOT an american, you'll still like cheesecake!"  LOL.  The things you remember when laughing with your best friends.  

Shout out to my buddy / golf partner Rob Moseff for his 40th birthday party, looked like a great time put together by his wife / our besty Laura.  This was a weekend where I definitely was missing my family and friends up in Boston for sure.  

Saturday night, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I ventured out to a couple of our favorite bars in downtown Hackettstown.  Beautiful night for a walk, even though weather doesn't matter as long as I can hold Meg's hand.  We have no matter what the weather brings.  Sometimes we have even more fun and laughs in the bad weather.  Life happens, right?  Yummy beers after a full day of fun with Meg's Awesome Daughters was exactly what I needed.  Success.  Then Sunday morning, I ended up hyperventilating because we were at a place out of my element.

Earlier in the weekend, Meg informed me she had to go to Easton, PA to pick up Awesome Daughter Caitlin's wedding dress.  I didn't want Meg to go all that way alone, so I was able to coerce myself into a quick little road trip.  We ended up taking Meg's Awesome Mommy Rita for the road trip too!  Meg's Awesome Mommy Rita is a rock star.  If she lets me date Meg, Rita clearly has the patience of a saint.  I then started to hyperventilate because we were at a David's Bridal and it's overwhelming!  To be surrounded by wedding dresses as far as the eye can see, while seeing Meg light up was quite the experience.  Someday, someday!  We then ventured out to an excellent restaurant nearby, owned by a couple we met in Vernon a couple months ago!  Love the craft beer selection and bourbon barrels by the restrooms.  

My Sunday night I was able to hang with my besties Brad and JG at Kite's enjoying laughs.  Then my weekend ended with my Patriots disappointing me again.  OUCH!  Overall, we had a wonderful weekend with some of our amazing friends.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.  Time to start planning next weekend!  Franklin Carnival, Shoppes At Lafayette, and my first Giants game woah.


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