My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Adventures W/ Wildlife!

While this may not have been my most Epic Weekend In Pictures, we still made many fun and at times wild memories.  We were able to help women get affordable mammograms, I RODE A HORSE at Sussex Tech, went to the Circus, enjoyed football and tasty craft beer with Awesome Girlfriend Megan, with a quick road trip to Rutgers University.  

This Weekend In Pictures edition started Thursday night at Perona Farms where we had our Girls Night Out Pink Party.  Our morning guy Steve Andrews always teases me that I have more fun at our Girls Night Out Pink Parties than anyone else --- and he is probably right.  How can you NOT have fun at our Girls Night Out Party?  Many had fun with our casino gaming tables and everywhere you looked ladies were smiling.  The food at Perona Farms was of course getting rave reviews.  There were not one, but two weddings happening that same night.  That also made me wonder aloud "who gets married on a Thirsty Thursday night?"  Best wishes to those who did.  I did a quick Facebook Live video tour so you can see all the fun that we had.  I already can't wait until next year.  It's always fun when you meet friends out and about like my friend Georgia, and then have the pleasure of running into her at our event and she sees me in work mode.  We have so much fun meeting friends both new and old.  Then, I was able to catch the second half of my Patriots winning their game Thursday night.  Woohoo.  


Friday was a crazy busy day at work, but all good.  Friday night I was able catch up with one of my best friends from back home, Jay, and tell him all about the many wonderful things going on in my world.  I even told him my goals of marrying Awesome Girlfriend Megan within 3-5 years, and he supported my plan.  After that, I was able to enjoy my Red Sox barely hold on for their victory against the Yankees.  My friend Brad who took me to the Giants game last week, is a diehard Yankee fan and texted me "scoring 0 runs, it's tough to win that way."  I texted him back saying "Brad, it's only the 5th inning don't worry, it's a Sox Yankees game, there's at least 4 hours left in this game."  Another epic game lol.  

Saturday morning I took my show on the road at Sussex Tech for their 50th anniversary celebration.  They had a HUGE fair that was so well put together.  Every table had something made right from the hard working kids at Sussex Tech.  They had a monopoly board that was made entirely from Sussex Tech.  The board, pieces, everything made from those kids.  Culinary department was there selling delicious food, and everyone there was smiling ear to ear.  I even ran into our friend William Anderson, who recently was our Max 106.3 Teacher Of The Month.  He volunteered to do the dunk tank, and you could see how much the kids love him when they were all teasing each other back and forth.  

Then things became much more interesting.  They had pony rides at this event, and full size horses so adults and teens could ride too.  Growing up in Boston, I have never ridden a horse.  Our horses in Boston pull buggies around on cobblestones.  Before I knew it, there is cowboy wannabe Steve riding a horse for my first time ever!  It was entertaining.  You really appreciate horses and their beauty even more after riding one for your first time.  They're amazing animals.  I don't really need to mention that here, since it seems like in Sussex County you're odd if you did NOT grow up with horses.  Seriously, it's like everyone I knew had horses growing up.  No wonder why the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show is such a huge deal every single year.  I can now highly recommend taking a ride on a horse, even though nobody will be mistaking me for a rhinestone cowboy anytime soon.  You can see video of me riding the horse and probably not looking too cool here.


Saturday night: TIME FOR THE CIRCUS!  I took Awesome Girlfriend Megan and her Awesome Daughters Hailey, Amanda and Amanda's friend Amanda to The Big Apple Circus at Sussex County Fairgrounds.  This is one of the coolest things to happen here in Sussex County.  The Big Apple Circus spends a couple months at the fairgrounds practicing for their big tour that goes from NYC to Boston to DC and more.  Tickets are only $10 each for this because they're still practicing.  Our seats, 4th row front center in NYC would have been over $120 each!  Phenomenal value.  Getting to see Awesome Girlfriend Megan and her Awesome Daughters smile so much was wonderful.  You never realize until seeing it up close how many people are needed to pull off this adventure.  Circuses have many, many hard working people both behind the scenes and high above us.  The tricks they were able to pull off were AMAZING.  My apologies to anyone who watched my Instagram Story this weekend @SteveAllanRadio.  I was blown away by so many high gravity defying tricks these performers were able to pull off during the circus.  Some have asked about animal involvement, they only used gorgeous horses and dogs.  These animals were so beautiful and did great tricks!  You can see information about upcoming Big Apple Circus shows here.

Sunday Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I took Awesome Daughter Hailey back to Rutgers.  We dodged a bullet, she was worried that she left her key and ID at home in Hackettstown.  It was a long ride from New Brunswick to Hackettstown dreading having to turn around and spend several more hours in the car.  When we arrived in Hackettstown, Awesome Daughter Hailey was so nervous about her tough Physics exam that she didn't realize the key / ID fell to the bottom of her bag the whole time.  Meg and I were psyched we only drove to RU once instead of TWICE as we were fearing for a couple of hours.  We then relaxed, enjoyed yummy beers and watched football.  By the way, talk about karma biting me a little.  When we were at the irish pub in Hackettstown drinking an Asbury Park Brewery Sea Dragon IPA on draft, Meg reminded me "oh Steve we need to do a selfie for your weekend in pictures."  I looked at her and said "Honey, this ain't my first rodeo.  When have I ever forgotten to do a selfie of us for my weekend in pictures?"  Wouldn't you know it, when we were in bed watching the Cowboys game, I realized I had finally forgotten to get our selfie together.  Meg cracked up and I ate crow and asked her to join me in a final selfie for our Weekend In Pictures.  We were bummed Meg's Cowboys lost, but still had a wonderful weekend.  We had an amazing weekend together and are so blessed.  Between my wonderful family, friends and career - I'm the luckiest guy ever.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.  Time to start planning next weekend!  

Thank goodness she puts up with me

Thank goodness she puts up with me.


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