My Epic Weekend In Pictures: A Last Hurrah For Now

This Weekend In Pictures was a last hurrah of sorts.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had so much fun with several of our wonderful friends, all while we were preparing for my #SteveWorldTour - Homeless Edition.  You may remember a couple of months ago my hot water heater broke.  As a result of that mishap, my 40 year old solid oak hardwood floors have all split.  My landlord Alex has been excellent through all of these inconvenient situations.  We are having my whole floor done over replacing hardwood with laminate that will look just like hardwood, and repainting my walls.  I can't live at my place for two weeks.  Time for me to visit my friends and be an annoying house guest woohoo!  Fortunately, I can still check on it every single day and see our progress.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I spent the whole weekend trying to pack and prepare my place for the massive overhaul project.  

Friday night, spur of the moment night out for dinner with our besties Jasen and Brendan.  We started off with pizza in Warwick for dinner, then a beer nightcap at Kite's back on Campus.  Jasen and Brendan knew Meg and I were a little uneasy about our action packed weekend filled with packing, they made us laugh and smile often.  Then we discovered that I'm apparently the last person in America who hasn't seen the movie Bridesmaids, and everyone will be ordering me to watch that in the near future.

Saturday morning Meg and I slept past 8am and it felt amazing.  We have both been tired the past couple of months, this was amazing.  Relaxation ended very quickly when Meg announced she brought over eggs and wanted us to make breakfast together.  We didn't do a Facebook Live video this time, but fortunately there wasn't too much comedy you missed.  I did accidentally apparently almost make our scrambled eggs into an omelet somehow, but we survived that scare.  We then went to Lowe's in Newton searching for bubble wrap and drop cloths.  As you can imagine, I am completely 100% out of my element at Lowe's.  We survived but didn't find any affordable bubble wrap deals, so Walmart on Route 206 was our next best option.  Success.  Nothing beats going from Lowe's to Walmart on a rainy Saturday morning and dealing with crowds everywhere, right?  

Since Meg was such a trooper, I took her to The Cottage in Franklin for a delicious beer.  Meg enjoyed her Perpetual IPA, while I loved my tasty well slow poured Guinness.  I love it when the superstars put a clover in the foam.  Yummy.  We then went to Minerals Sports Club where our bestie Jasen rented out an area for his niece Chloe's 8th Birthday Party!  We had such a great time with Jasen, his sister Jennifer, brother in law James, and their Dad Richard.  Jennifer demanded that the unicorn cookie and unicorn plastic cup make my Weekend In Pictures edition, and I'm happy to oblige.  I was more than happy to have a red wine in the kids plastic unicorn cup.  

Saturday night, we went to our bestie Carrie's where I successfully dodged teenage kids carving pumpkins, and enjoyed that red wine in my kids plastic unicorn cup.  Major win.  We watched my Red Sox disappoint me in Game 1, and went to bed.

Sunday, more packing when Meg learned that apparently I've been hoarding shoe boxes for years. I threw away 12 shoe boxes and only have like 4 pairs of shoes.  How did that even happen?

We then had a victory beer at The Cottage, where we hung out with our buddy Brad.  We then also celebrated Packer Fan Patrick's birthday too.  Success.

I then enjoyed my Patriots winning by a thread last night.  As I expected, our offense vs their defense was strong, and so wasn't their offense against our defense.  

Packing and leaving isn't fun.  This weekend has been another reminder of how blessed I am to have amazing friends willing to take me in like a stray puppy.  These next couple of weeks won't always be fun, but we will make the best of inconvenient situations.  Our weekend was terrific, and I hope yours was too.  Time to start planning next weekend!  


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