16 Celebs Who Rocked Braces While They Were Famous

Braces are a ritual pretty much any human is lucky enough to go through. (Yes, braces are totally a luxury, so thank your ortho.) But don’t worry: It was never just you going through the whole “braceface” thing alone. These 16 celebs below — we’re talking everyone from Kendall Jenner to Noah Cyrus to Tom Cruise to Faith Hill — all have rocked the Metal Mouth. Some of these stars even when they had to do it when they were adults!

And while braces have become the norm for middle school, high school these days, to get some extra confidence, check out all the celebs below who are killin’ it with braces. And even if you have to get them as an adult, don’t feel self-conscious — so Tom Cruise, Faith Hill, Nicolas Cage and more had to endure it, but there now-smiles are totally worth it. (Besides Scientology and all, Tom Cruise is literally known for his smile!)

1. Kendall Jenner2. Niall Horan3. Noah Cyrus 4. AJ of Aly & AJ 5. Gwen Stefani6. Tom Cruise7. Isaac Hanson8. Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter9. Ariel Winter10. Dakota Fanning11. Faith Hill12. Emma Watson13. Angelina Jolie14. Drew Barrymore15. Estelle16. Nicolas CagePHOTOS: Getty Images


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