Stories from the snowy roads

Days removed from last Thursday's snow event, people are still talking about their tale of woe in the traffic nightmare that virtually crippled most of the highways.  For me personally, I tried to get home to Vernon from East Hanover and 3 hours into the ride, I was only in Parsippany with traffic virtually at a standstill.  Not willing to gut it out and probably because my vehicle was not moving up those hilly roads at 3 miles an hour, I immediately turned around and headed to a nearby hotel.  Luckily, I was able to secure a room, but alas I was hard pressed to find a takeout place to deliver me dinner, so I relied on the vending machines to feed me for the night. It was probably the best decision I made as spending the night stranded in my car was not an option.  Perhaps you have a similar story to share of sitting in the Thursday traffic jam nightmare that was.

The NJ Herald posted a terrific article recently, with stories from local folks of their harrowing tales of what it took to simply get home.  One person in particular drove for a long 13 hours from Elizabeth all the way to Franklin!  Check it out below...

Tales From The Long Ride Home


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