Meet My Cute Kitten Pets Of The Week!

How about a cute kitten party?  These guys were rescued from Wantage, and are now currently residing with my friends at Father John's Animal House in Sparta.  Birch and Pine are brother and sister, who stole our hearts immediately.  They really did purr their entire time here at our radio station.  Everyone loves them, and they love everyone.  Solo or as a package, I know these guys will make your family smile all the time.  They love to cuddle and play.  Not to be superficial, but they'll clearly match any outfit of the day you wear with their absolutely gorgeous silver black with white tabby coats.  Let's help Birch and Pine.  Birch is the one I'm holding the whole time.  Enjoy our Facebook live video below, and you can also get the link to their application with Father John's by clicking right here.



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