Me And Water Aerobics! The Noodle Attacked Me!

Trying new things can be fun, exciting, and SCARY.  Ever since I moved to Jersey 5 years ago, it has always been a goal of mine to keep trying new experiences.  I have certainly done plenty of that, especially this past year.  Goat yoga, boxing, mixology, zumba, pilates, cycling, leg day, and so much more!  A couple of months ago at our Girls Night Out Pink Party, long time friend of the show April ran into me.  She said if I did a swim aerobic class with her that we would never forget it, and April is right!  This was a fantastic workout.  Many studies for years have touted the benefits of working out in a swimming pool.  They say it's great for your joints, and the experts are right.  This was also my first time ever going in the outdoor heated pool at Minerals, and I'll be taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan out to this one of these days.  If you're looking for comedy, there's plenty of that in this video.  I think at one point, I fought the noodle, and the noodle won.  



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