My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Highs, Lows and SNOW!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures edition involves both Jersey and Pennsylvania, SNOW, trying to not drown while attempting water aerobics (I can't swim,) baking cookies, enjoying live music at the place where Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had our first date, baking cookies, trying to stay warm, one of THE MOST EMBARRASSING Patriots losses in my life, and many delicious drinks.  

We'll start this wild Weekend In Pictures with Thursday night.  I tried water aerobics at Minerals Sports Club for my first time ever with April, and she was fantastic.  The video may be dark at times, but is often hilarious.  Many who watched this over the weekend said their favorite part was in the outdoor heated pool, when I fought the noodle - and the noodle clearly won.  My Besty Shawn and I then enjoyed a victory beer together at Kite's to survive that I didn't drown in the 5 foot deep pool, later to be joined by our Besty JG.  Successful Thursday night.  They had a Redemption Whiskey girl there, so that helped nurse my humbling aqua aerobic sorrows too.  


Friday morning, with Steve Andrews on vacation I was able to host our Kids Christmas Concert Series.  Andover / Newton was well represented with the Long Pond School Bell Choir, and Allamuchy School Chorus had a great time with their first ever experience on our radio station.  Last year, we had over 600 local kids total performing Christmas carols live on our radio station.  This year, we figure to hit a total even higher than that!  It's so rewarding watching these kids who have worked so hard for months, sound terrific and get their moments of fame on our radio station.  

Friday night was action packed.  My friends wanted to join me at a new Winter Wonderland display at Kite's / Minerals Resort & Spa.  We fell in love with the beauty last year, all the pretty white lights everywhere.  Friday night was cold with low temps in the teens, so we knew this wasn't going to be an all night rager.  More like one-2 warm booze drinks, and then go back indoors to warm up our toes.  We had a great time with our besties JG, Jasen and Brendan.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan had to work late so she missed the Winter Wonderland fun, but I'm betting she didn't mind being able to go straight from work to hanging out at the fireplace with us.  She's always cold, but lit up the second she saw we saved a spot on the fireplace for her.  After Winter Wonderland, we enjoyed a drink by the fireplace to warm everything up.  Major success.  The setting was so beautiful, but I kept failing at getting a great selfie of us.  #2018Probz, right?  A nearby table volunteered to take the picture for us, and her name is Joy.  Ironic that Joy was able to get a great fireplace picture of us, with Joy in the background!  We then proceeded to Jasen's where we baked cookies, drank yummy red wine and asked ourselves "why don't we do this more often?"  


Saturday morning, just after 6am I woke Awesome Girlfriend Megan up.  Yet again we can ask the question, "How lucky is Meg?"  THEY TURNED ON THE SNOW GUNS AT MOUNTAIN CREEK!!!  One of my many favorite parts of living here in Vernon, New Jersey is getting to watch skiers from my deck.  There aren't many people in America who can say they live on a ski slope.  I get a great view of the chair lift, and the snow guns right from my place and LOVE the sound.  It's so relaxing and therapeutic, like the best white noise to sleep to ever!  You can see my Facebook live video I took up close of the snow guns above.  I HEART SNOW GUNS!!!!  

We then had to roll out of bed shortly thereafter, going to Bethlehem, PA for Meg's annual Family Christmas Party.  Meg has a large and loving family, so large that even I can sometimes fly under the radar (sometimes.)  I'm very blessed where Meg's family has taken me in like a stray puppy from day one.  They have always been so loving and inviting, and her brother Rick gets the style points award for rocking a Kilt to the party!  It was an awful cold day to be rocking a kilt, that's for sure!  Major success.  Everyone had a great time.  Awesome Megan's Awesome Daughter Hailey got to pick up her new to her car, a Volkswagen Bug from the early 2000s.  It fits her well.  Great time hanging with Awesome Daughter Caitlyn, her fiance Robbie P, and Awesome Daughter Amanda.  

Saturday afternoon, we finally ventured out to Lake Lenape Lodge on 517.  Why?  Our extreme curiosity.  With me living in Vernon on Campus, and Meg in Hackettstown, we are basically a 54 minute drive down 517 away from each other.  For 2.5 years, we've been driving by this place constantly without entering many times.  Now that we went in, had a Goose Island IPA, we feel much better to have checked that off our bucket list.  

Saturday night we were cold and tired, but motivated to make our return to Mohawk House in Sparta.  Mohawk House is our place, where Meg and I had our first date.  A couple months ago I ran into our buddy Tina, who informed me that she and her band would be playing there, while using the bass guitar from our late friend, Dr. Mike Ramieri.  Meg and I immediately decided there would be no way we were going to miss this.  We were able to run into our friend Terri there, and it was great to see everyone smiling, dancing, and rocking out.  Party Of Phive was excellent playing many rock songs from 90s I grew up loving, plus much much more.  Even though we were cold and tired, and I was coming off being sick last week, Meg and I were still psyched we went out for date night at Mohawk House and were able to see some great friends.  

Sunday morning, time to venture out for breakfast.  Although we have eggs that are a few weeks old (I should probably throw those out tonight,) I didn't feel we had the 3 hours to watch me attempt scrambled eggs.  We went to see our buddies Carrie and Deb at Granny's.  Success.  

Sunday afternoon, Meg and I went back to my place enjoying watching snow guns.  They're so beautiful and powerful, almost seeming magical at times.  We enjoyed a Grey Goose Vodka drink together, courtesy of my besties Kim and Shawn.  For some reason, Grey Goose is the only vodka that doesn't give Meg an awful headache.  Kim and Shawn went all out giving us this and helping me score big time boyfriend points.  Thank you!!!  Meg prefers a ton of cran and little seltzer, whereas I prefer a thimble of cran and a ton of seltzer.  We got a kick out of our "Hers and His," versions we made of these drinks.  

With the Patriots not being on local television for their 1pm game, I went back to my usual routine of watching them disappoint me at The Cottage.  I had a sick feeling about this the whole time given our recent struggles in Miami.  When we gave up "The Miracle In Miami," it was one of my most humiliating losses as a Patriot fan.  Bizarre.  Of course, my besty Mark Wright was there cheering on his Dolphins.  He tends to not even watch the games live, but when they're playing against my Patriots in Miami he knows they have a much greater chance at success.  Congratulations, Mark!  UGH.  Hopefully my Pats can bounce back from this embarrassment.  

Sunday I rounded out my weekend with besty Jasen who MADE HIS OWN WINE.  It was amazing.  Also very much needed after my Patriots loss.  Ah well.  At least Meg's Cowboys won for her.  Overall, we had an amazing weekend with many terrific friends and family.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.  Time to start planning next weekend!  


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