My Epic Xmas Vacation Weekend In Pictures

When Christmas happens on a Tuesday, the result for me is an amazing despite segmented Weekend In Pictures.  The Christmas Weekend started Thursday night at my Minerals Sports Club Member Christmas Party, continued Friday night at our iHeartRadio Christmas Party, and then the party just kept going and going.  I was able to see some dear friends in Jersey and some more family and dear friends up in Boston.  This Epic vacation Weekend In Pictures has involved yummy food and beverages, friends, family, an inflatable BEAR who ended up being my passenger from Mansfield, Ma to Vernon, NJ, and much more.  Christmas morning, as I have every year for the past 16 or so years, made my family watch The Grinch starring Jim Carrey.  I tend to wake up early, then by the time The Grinch's heart grows in size, my family is all awake.  Excellent Christmas tradition.  

Awesome Girlfriend Megan stayed in Jersey and PA to hang with her Awesome Daughters, and Awesome Mommy Rita.  Christmas apart is very tough, but it makes me feel better knowing she's with loved ones and not all alone on Christmas.  Someday we'll hopefully be able to be together on Christmas Day, but in the meantime at least we still have each other to text and call.  I would also occasionally send her Snap and Instagram videos of my killer Alvin & The Chipmunks impression (I still want a Hula Hoop!)  I know, how lucky is Meg, right?  

The first batch we will call Christmas Part 1, consisting of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The next batch we will call Christmas part 2.

The next batch we can call Christmas part 3.  


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