My Epic New Year's Eve Weekend In Pictures

It feels weird talking about my Epic Weekend In Pictures on a Wednesday morning, but when New Year's Day is on a Tuesday that just feels about right.  My ultimate goal was getting to see Awesome Girlfriend Megan at the stroke of Midnight New Year's Eve, and I'm happy to say that mission was accomplished.  Meg had her Awesome Daughters this weekend, so I was more than happy to have a chill night in watching Ryan Seacrest hosting Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve on ABC.  Talk about life in 2019, because Awesome Girlfriend Megan has successfully cut the cord and now streams, I knew that her television would be on a slight delay.  I cracked open our bottle of Korbel (keepin it classy, right?) champagne at exactly 12, and had almost everyone's glass poured by the time Meg's TV caught up to ring in the New Year.  Comedy gold, everyone got a good kick out of me trying to sync everything together.  

This weekend was definitely scattered big time, with working New Year's Eve Day mixed in, but I was still able to get to kiss Meg at Midnight which is all that mattered to me.  I was always single on New Year's, so believe it or not, at 35 when Meg and I started dating, that was my first ever New Year's Eve Kiss at Midnight.  Is New Year's amateur hour?  Yes.  Just another day?  Yes.  That being said, I don't ever take getting to kiss Awesome Girlfriend Megan for granted.  

Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I wanted to do an early lunch before I left her in Hackettstown returning to Vernon.  We tried 3 of our normal staples, and they all weren't open on New Year's Day until 2pm.  We were up and running by 11:30am.  We ventured out to Pub 517, and were happy we did.  Excellent food and service, and I always say if you're cash only in 2019, you better be good.  They were.  

I ended up doing a victory New Year's Day cigar on my deck, which by then was windy and cold in the low 40s.  I didn't last all that long, but still enjoyed it.  Then this morning, I heard the roar of snow guns right by my deck at Mountain Creek.  Snow guns are one of my favorite things ever.  You can check out my snow gun in action video below.  Overall we had many fun memories during our New Year's Eve Weekend.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.  Time to start planning next weekend, where I'll be taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan to Atlantic City (AC,) for her first time ever!  #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?!



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