I Will Ski For My First Time Ever This Month!

Tough to believe I have already lived in Vernon, New Jersey for 5 years.  Time really does fly when you're having fun.  One of my many favorite parts of living where I do is getting to enjoy watching skiers and snowboarders from my deck.  When you think about it, there are only so many places in America where you can enjoy that luxury.  My friends always tease me for literally living on a ski slope yet never skiing, making the analogy it's like living on the beach while never dipping your feet in the water.    

Upon moving to Jersey away from all of my family and friends back home in Boston, I made a goal to keep trying new things and stepping out of my at times overly rigid comfort zone.  I've done skydiving, knockerball, played goalie while a hockey player shot pucks 80 MPH at me, zumba, boxing, and even Goat Yoga.  January is Learn To Ski & Snowboard month I am now learning.  I wanted to team up with my friends at Mountain Creek and make this the year I finally learn how to ski.  My buddy Wacky Jacky is giving me a tour, step by step of how to start skiing.  They'll be having me do Terrain Based Learning (TBL,) which should help me focus on technique without gravity concerns.  You can see Wacky Jacky giving me a tour of how to get started since I have zero skiing experience / knowledge below.  In mid January, you'll see me in skis for my first time ever.  #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay


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