Atlantic City Takes In $2.6 Billion For 2018

Atlantic City is still trying to rebound from their recent tough times, and in 2018 revenues increased!  Sports betting and the two reopened casinos, Hard Rock (formerly Trump Taj Mahal) and Ocean Resorts (formerly Revel) helped increase revenues.  The news wasn't all good though, as every other casino except Golden Nugget showed decreases in their revenue.  There are concerns with the two newly reopened casinos that perhaps Atlantic City can't support that many casinos.  I think there's plenty of room for the newly reopened Hard Rock and Ocean Resorts.  One benefit to Hard Rock is that it's more than just a casino, you often feel like you're in a music museum.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I LOVED our trip to AC last weekend, even though she's not a big gambler.  I think if you give enough fun things to surround your gambling base, there can be prosperity.  Atlantic City's 2019 revenue would have been off to an even better start had Awesome Girlfriend Megan not persuaded me to "quit while I was ahead," at the roulette table.  I WAS JUST STARTING TO GET HOT!  Steve Andrews teases me saying those casinos are that tall, because of guys like me who think they're going to go on a hot streak.  LOL.  

Me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan in AC!


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