Skiing For My First Time Ever: Highs And Lows

This is an adventure that I will never forget!  I finally tried skiing!  Thanks to my friends at Mountain Creek right here in Vernon, NJ I lived a delayed dream.  Why a delayed dream?  I never was interested in skiing at all growing up.  In the suburb of Boston where I grew up, there weren't any mountains hidden in plain sight.  When I moved to Vernon 5 years ago, all of the sudden there was a ski slope right by my deck!  For 5 years, every winter, one of my favorite things in the world has been to enjoy snow guns up close, and watching skiers and snowboards from my deck.  I now make my parents Madre and Padre visit me every President's Day Weekend, a tradition we started last year.  My friends have always been teasing me that literally living on a ski slope (Granite,) while never even attempting skiing is like living on a beach yet never even touching your toes in the sand or water.  They are all absolutely right.  

Each Jersey winter, I kept getting closer and closer to even wanting to try skiing for my first time.  We were able to partner with my friends at Mountain Creek, where my friends Wacky Jackie, Evan, Hugh, and Katie, all helped me tremendously.  We all agreed that with January being National Learn To Ski And Snowboard month, January 2019 was the perfect time.  My instructor Maya, who was on winter break from Boston University, is terrific and patient --- even though she said "Oh WOW," when I admitted to her that I'm 37.  I give ski instructors a ton of credit for having the strength and balance to pick up fallen skiers.  I don't even know how they pull that massive feat off, kudos to them.  Even driving into our radio station this morning, going past the mountains I do every single day, I looked at it so differently than normal.  They have great deals for beginners like myself that you can see here.  I can now recommend skiing to you.  This experience is certainly epic!  



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