My Awesome Girlfriend Megan Birthday Weekend In Pictures!

This weekend in pictures involved much less travel than usual for us, but still remained heavily action packed.  A quiet night in on birthday night for Awesome Girlfriend Megan, entertaining a much larger crowd than I'm comfortable with for her birthday / snow party / football Sunday Funday, all while trying to survive the weekend storm and cold weather.  

Awesome Girlfriend Megan started off the weekend with her Awesome Daughters dress shopping and things of that nature.  Friday night I got to hang out with my bestie Spooner at his place.  His place in Vernon on Campus is directly across Granite Peak from me, if it was safe to walk straight across the mountain we would.  We chilled enjoying wine and pizza, and one of my biggest victories was leaving there at 10:30pm.  The running joke is that Spooner's is The Campus Black Hole --- because so many times, we have so much fun laughing and joking that we lose track of time and leave HOURS later than we originally intended.  Success.  

I knew all along that I was going to be getting Meg from Saturday 4pm until Monday late morning.  Our goals weren't too lofty.  We're always doing something out with people whenever we are together, so a few weeks ago I came up with the master plan of having it be Saturday night in just the two of us with wine and pizza, then Sunday entertain for her birthday party.  As you may know, I despise entertaining and it gives me extreme anxiety - but Meg loves it.  I get better at it knowing I have Meg to steer the ship in case I mess things up which happens from time to time.  

Saturday was an odd day for me that I haven't had in a long time.  I didn't have to work, and Meg wasn't around, almost found myself rather bored.  Not to worry, I had plenty of things to do.  I checked out the TJ Maxx in West Milford, nice place, nothing there for me at the time.  I always say once out of every three times you to to TJ Maxx or Marshall's you strike gold.  It's all about timing and the thrill of the chase.  I then went to Mayhem central, also known as a grocery store before a snowstorm.  I probably looked like one of those silly people who stock up on break and milk for days with an impending snowstorm forecast, even though I didn't get either of those things!  I had to grocery shop for our party, getting tuna steaks and more.  

Saturday afternoon I found myself having a quick beer with friends at The Cottage while waiting for Meg.  She then texted me, she's going to be at my place 20 minutes earlier than expected.  YIKES!  I hadn't put together my big surprise for her yet.  I was able to get Meg a Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten jersey with a commemorative patch celebrating his wonderful career.  I went all out (well, for me all out,) and found navy blue and silver ribbons that I could put on the jersey to dress it up more.  Earlier in the week, I discovered that I don't have any tape whatsoever not even scotch tape at my place.  I made it a point to get scotch tape at the grocery store mayhem.  The ten minutes before Meg's arrival were filled with many fleeting expletives, apparently scotch taping a nice, heavy jersey to my television wasn't the most brilliant of my ideas.  I got the jersey to stay up long enough for her to see it, be surprised and happy.  Major success.  Saturday night our chill night in with pizza and wine was absolutely wonderful, just what the doctor ordered.  

Sunday Sunday Sunday!  We knew turnout wasn't going to be a massive as originally planned due to the snowstorm.  I told Meg I was going to have the party for her NO MATTER WHAT.  By 8am, I shoveled out my Jeep, then from 9-10am I shoveled out Meg's car.  This was quite the workout!  Meg stayed in and cleaned my place and got it ready for the party, I definitely lucked out by only needing to shovel for two straight hours.  She even revamped my bedroom closet that she and Madre fixed a year ago only to have me ruin the system one year later.

 I turned my electric grill on a full hour before the party to give it more time to try to warm up in the frigid temperatures.  We enjoyed preparty mimosas together at my place.  As time went on, tensions kept getting higher with football Sunday approaching.  


We had a wonderful time with our friends who were able to make it.  Lauren and Nate, Carrie, Spooner, Jasen, Brendan, Caitlyn and Robbie P.  That may not sound like a large party, but if there's more than one person I'm entertaining it's a huge deal to me!  

Talk about the most exciting NFL Conference Championship day ever!  I feel so awful for the New Orleans Saints who were robbed after that terrible call.  I feel awful for all involved, also for the LA Rams who not enough people are talking about their win because of the bad call.  Sunday night, of course I was on edge pacing nonstop and screaming at my TV during the Patriots game.  For me it's more than just a game.  It's an obsession.  I keep track of them every single day, year round.  It's like a family feeling even though I don't know any of them personally.  I'm very excited for my Patriots.  I totally get everyone else being sick and tired of seeing them in the Super Bowl, especially now for our third time in a row.  If this was another team, I would be sick of seeing them there too.  However, I don't hate on other teams. 

Monday morning Meg and I had a great, quiet morning in together.  We watched football coverage and napped, which was amazing.  

Monday night, my bestie Jasen celebrated his birthday.  We had an absolute blast with Brendan, Jasen, Carrie, and a bunch of friends.  

Overall, we had a fantastic weekend.  I hope yours was too.  Time to start planning next weekend!


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