12 Common Everyday Things We're Spending Too Much Money On That We Can Fix

Business Insider has come up with 12 everyday things we are spending too much on throughout the year . Most of these are very common, ranging from unlimited data plans, gourmet coffee, cable, fancy watches, overpriced steak dinners, roses on Valentine's Day, plus more. Now that I'm all about grilling with my "cute electric grill," (as Steve Andrews teases me about it) I totally understand how steaks at fancy steakhouses can be overpriced. Once a year or so I'll splurge on a steak at a fancy steak house, but now that I'm so hooked on grilling it has become a game changer for me. Now that I know which local farm stands and meat markets tend to not steer me wrong, combined with my Longhorn Seasoning that I use (3 rubs on each side gives it a great kick,) this year definitely will lead to many more grilling adventures!

Roses on Valentine's Day are one of my biggest pet peeves, by far. I tend to buy flowers occasionally for Awesome Girlfriend Megan, Madre, Wicked Awesome Sistawh Suzanne, and Grammy. I spend more time examining the color combinations, themes and how they'll match their homes than anything else. Fast forward to Valentine's Day. UGH. ROSES DON'T LAST! When I get my flower bouquet combinations for some of the important women in my world, I get one or two roses in the mix because they pop great, but to go all roses is a rookie mistake. (No offense intended, sorry guys.)

Cutting the cable cord is definitely something I want to do and join Awesome Girlfriend Megan, but haven't been able to yet. One simple reason. Live sports on television. When you stream our radio station or television stations, you're on delay typically approximately 60-120 seconds. When my Patriots are on television, my phone's always blowing up from family and friends back home after big plays. I can't turn my phone off, because radio life means you're on call 24/7 and always need a phone available. The struggle is real.


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