Common items that just aren't worth the money

Business Insider just took a look at ways we could save money in 2019. One of the topics was wasting money on products that are not worth it. Here are some things you should avoid buying if you don't have money to burn.

  1. Unlimited Data Plans which force you to pay for more data than you could ever use.
  2. Gourmet Coffee- get a nice coffee maker. It's much cheaper over time.
  3. New Smartphones. It's great to have the newest I Phone but if your current phone does what you need it to do you don't need a new phone. Especially at the prices Apple charges.
  4. Cable T.V.-streaming is much cheaper than cable and you still get all your shows.
  5. Robot vacuums. They miss spots and they cost plenty of money.

Source: Business Insider

Photo by Pixabay


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