Winter Special Olympics Kicks Off, and American Dream Mall opening soon

Last night in Vernon at Mountain Creek there was a wonderful opening ceremony for Winter Special Olympics New Jersey. My buddy Kyle Dehn, Special Olympian veteran athlete alerted me a week ago that he was going to be the guest emcee, and I couldn't be prouder of him. This is one of my favorite times all year, and you can feel the positive energy and excitement all over town when 200+ athletes from all over Jersey come here for this. I could hear the loud and proud fireworks display from my bachelor pad on Campus in Vernon. These are the 41st annual Special Olympics New Jersey Winter Games, and 36th year Mountain Creek has hosted. You can see more about the touching ceremony here . If you're looking for comedy, feel free to check out my learning how to ski on Facebook live video below.


Some local businesses are worried about the minimum wage increase that Governor Phil Murphy is signing into legislation. I don't get into politics or policy often in this space, but this minimum wage increase has me very concerned. We want more livable wages for everyone, but often these minimum wage entry level jobs are very important for teaching life lessons and responsibilities. My first job where I worked at an independent mom and pop paint store was a very successful adventure, I used it to help pay for my college tuition and had a great 7 year run. I'm very concerned about businesses trying to afford this, since it's pretty likely anything that will involve higher costs will be passed onto us the consumers. I can't help but be concerned with higher minimum wages, you'll simply see more automation and fewer of these jobs. Our local representatives have spoken out against this new law .

Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was all about the 10 year challenge on social media, showcasing how different we or things looked compared to 10 years ago? My favorite was when people posted the identical images of that American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, still in progress ever since 2002. They're now saying that American Dream will be opening later this Spring, and there is a list of retailers who confirm they'll be involved. You can see the story here .


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